Virginia 1819 build log – Part 1

I am building the Virginia 1819 kit from Artesania Latina. I chose this one because it seemed like a good kit for a beginner. This first post is just a little overview and my first impressions of the kit.

Virginia 1819 kit overview
Virginia 1819 kit overview

Regarding the Virginia 1819 plans

The plans and instructions can be found on the Virginia 1819 page of the Artesania Latina website. The downloadable plans include a fix for a misprint on some paper plans (pictured below). In addition, the Artesania Latina website was unavailable for several months in 2019 and 2020. In case this happens again, am including copies here.

Virginia 1819 Plans
Virginia 1819 Instructions

Even with the official plans, it can be unclear how to properly rig the model. I worked out my own detailed rigging plans, which can be found in part 22 of this build log. I also recommend posting to Model Ship World for help on building this and other ship models.


Here are a few shots of the components. I like how the small wood and metal pieces come in a nice plastic box, rather than in bags. The planks are… not exactly what I expected. The planks for the first planking are thicker than what I was expecting, while the planks for the second layer are really thin. It seems like bending the first layer of planks will be a challenge, and I think I’ll have lots of questions when I get to that point.

Virginia 1819 kit parts
Virginia 1819 kit parts

I already spotted a few minor typos in the instructions, but the most noticeable problem is this messed up rigging diagram in the fold-out plans. Fortunately, I found that the copy of this sheet available for download from Artesania Latina’s website doesn’t have this issue.

Plans misprint
Plans misprint

I checked through the parts list and most everything was clear, with the exception of the apple wood and mahogany wood pieces. These came in several strips with very slightly different dimensions between them. It took a little while to sort out which was which. I made some labels so I would be able to identify them later.

Labels on the wooden pieces
Labels on the wooden pieces

That’s it for now. I hope to get the actual building started tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Virginia 1819 build log – Part 1”

  1. Hi Peter, First time builder and I’m starting with the Virginia 1819. Is there any way you could send me a copy of the rigging diagram from Artesania Latina’s website. Their website is down and looks like it won’t be up any time soon. Doing my research before I start the build, appreciate any help. Bob

      1. Hi
        Wasent very clear instructions on the riging would love get the plans of you plz as cant find the rigfing plans anywhere
        Could you email me the rigging plans plz

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