Sultana build log – Part 46

Here is the template I used to laser cut the window overhang on the stern.

Template of the transom window recess

By using the lines on that template, I was able to create a pattern for the black trim around the windows. The 3D form is below. This was printed on my 3D printer.

3D design of the molding around the transom windows

I also created a form for the area below the windows.

3D design of the transom nameplate

I designed and printed out the lettering on photo paper. I wasn’t sure exactly how large it should be, so I created a set of images in varying sizes. The images on the left will be used later for the nameplate on the bow.

Color printed sheet of Sultana nameplates

The lettering was cut out and glued to the shape that will go below the windows.

Nameplate combined with 3D printed part

It was necessary to trim away some of the wood below the windows so that the shape would fit properly.

Material removed for nameplate part

And this is the result, with the pieces glued on. Some touch-up of the paint will be needed.

Sultana transom with molding and nameplate

And this is a reference photo from showing the stern. I will need to add the window covers and the lamp, but I think I will save that for later. If I added them now, they will be in danger of breaking off while I work on other parts of the ship.

Sample image of Sultana transom

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