Sultana build log – Part 53

Let’s build the windlass, starting with the ratchet gear. After studying a number of pictures of the Sultana’s windlass, I determined that the ratchet gear has 12 teeth. I created a 12 sided polygon and added one tooth.

Ratchet gear with one tooth

Then I used the circular pattern function to copy the tooth for a total of 12 teeth.

Ratchet gear with teeth

An extrude operation created the final shape of the ratchet gear.

Ratchet gear

Adjacent to the ratchet gear, I created an octagon, then a second smaller octagon the correct distance away.

End octagons for windlass

I used the loft function to create a shape between the two octagons, then mirrored that shape to the other side.

Windlass basic shape

The holes were added and both rectangular and circular patterns were used to place the holes around the windlass.

Windlass with holes

And finally, the supports were modeled.

Windlass 3D design

All of the windlass parts were 3D printed.

Windlass 3D printed pieces

The windlass pawl and galley stack are connected. Here is a picture of the galley stack. For now, I have decided to omit the white cover on the galley stack.

Sultana galley stack

This is the galley stack 3D model.

Galley stack 3D design

And this is the 3D printed part. I used some burnt sienna paint to indicate rusting. (There is no rust in my photo of the galley stack, but it is present on other photos I have found.)

Galley stack 3D printed part

The windlass and galley stack glued on to my Sultana.

Windlass and galley stack installed

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