Virginia 1819 build log – Part 24

At last everything is coming together. The first sail I attached was the jib. In the picture, you can also see how I pre-laid a number of rope coils around the masts. I hope that I can secure the lines from above in such a way that they appear to connect to the rope coils.

Jib sail
Jib sail

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Virginia 1819 build log – Part 22

I am almost ready to start the running rigging. I was very disappointed to find that the kit instructions basically say “We’re not going to tell you where each line goes, just look at the (completely inadequate) pictures.” With no outside help, I might have given up at this point.

Thankfully, user Trufo on Model Ship World has posted some detailed diagrams of how each line runs. After studying those diagrams at length, plus some help from the folks in the rigging forum, I have a plan for how to run each line. I am posting the plan in detail here, in case it is of value to future builders of this model.
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