Sultana build log – Part 69

Here is the method I have been using for seizing. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Tie thin thread at the point where the ropes join and secure with a tiny drop of CA glue.
  2. Cut off the loose ends of the thread.
  3. Use a tiny drop of CA glue to attach a small strip of black crepe paper and wait for it to dry completely.
  4. Using a mixture of 50% white glue / 50% water, dampen the crepe paper strip and wrap it around the ropes.
Seizing the shrouds

There is a 3D printed solution to every problem. I was thinking about how to get the correct spacing of the deadeyes, and came up the with part pictured below.

3D printed deadeye spacer

Here are the spacers at work. (The upper deadeyes are oriented incorrectly in this picture, but were turned the right way later.)

3D printed deadeye spacer

All the deadeyes were seized to the shrouds following the method described above.

Seized deadeyes

Now it’s time to thread the lanyards.

Shrouds ready for lanyards

The greatest challenge at this point is the small space between the lower deadeyes and the side of the hull. In order to fit the lanyard line through the lower deadeyes, I cut short a thin beading needle and bent it into a semicircle. The final state of the poor abused needle, after all the lanyards were threaded, can be seen below.

Curved needle

All the lanyards have been threaded but not yet tightened, so they are not yet in their final, properly spaced positions. But this is a good stopping point for this build log entry.

Shroud lanyards have been threaded

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