Sultana build log – Part 70

All the lanyards have been tightened and the sheer poles have been added.

Deadeye lanyards tightened

Deadeye lanyards tightened

The next logical step is to run the ratlines.

Yes, the ratlines are definitely the next thing that should be done.

I have never done ratlines before.

I’m really intimidated by the ratlines.

An so, to avoid doing the ratlines, I worked on the boom and gaffs. First, of course, a few 3D printed parts.

3D design for boom / gaff jaws
3D design for boom parts

The dowels for the boom and gaffs were cut and formed.

Boom and gaffs before assembly

And all of it was glued together and painted black. Also pictured is the jib boom which I worked on a little while ago but haven’t pictured here before.

Boom, gaffs, and jib boom complete and painted black

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