Sultana build log – Part 49

With the rudder in place, all it needs is the tiller to be complete. However, it will be difficult to work on several final features of the transom with the tiller in place, so those need to be completed first. Of those, the first is the boom sheet traveller, with a black plate behind it. You can also see the holes that were drilled for the window cover ropes.

Boom sheet traveller attached

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Sultana build log – Part 47

There is netting along the aft railings of the Sultana. My first thought was to use some tulle. However, the scale was wrong, and the tulle was too thin and light, barely noticeable. I tried painting the tulle to darken it and thicken the strands, but the paint failed to adhere.

It was clear that I would need to make my own netting from thread. My next attempt started by trying to form netting from individual strands of thread, which I would saturate with glue to hold them together. You can see how far I got below. It was immediately clear that I didn’t have the patience for this method, and the mesh would be uneven.

First attempt at creating netting

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