Sultana build log – Part 58

Work on the details of the Sultana’s hull is nearly complete. Soon I will be moving on to the masts, spars, and rigging. Here is what the Sultana looks like now.

The real Sultana with rigging removed

Actually, that’s the real Sultana back in December, when her masts were removed for maintenance. The picture is from the video Winter Maintenance on SULTANA‚Äôs Masts.

Here is what my Sultana looks like.

My Sultana in a similar state

Details that have been added include:

  • Rope railing and white cover on the main hatch. I was originally planning to omit these details, but the hatch looked too plain as it was.
  • Metal, oval-shaped mystery hatch at the bow, port side. Maybe for refueling?
  • Box for storing propane gas at the bow, starboard side.
  • Various eyebolts and cleats.
  • Additional signage on the hatches and opposite the ladder.
Sultana with deck details added

The next steps include understanding and planning out the rigging, and making the figurehead.

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