Sultana build log – Part 4

Now I’ll create sketches of the various hull curves.

For the topmost line, I will create a curve following one of the bulwark lines on the plan. To ensure correct placement, I create a construction point at the tip of the bow, which will be used as a starting point for the curve. A fit point spline is created in a horizontal plane following the curve as viewed from above.

Bulwark line
Bulwark line

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Sultana build log – Part 3

Step one is to bring the plans into Fusion 360 as canvas objects. The plans are checked to make sure that all lines are perfectly horizontal / vertical, and that lines in one view match up to the corresponding lines in a different view. The images have been scaled in the 3D environment to match the scale of the model (1:64 or 1 foot = 3/16″). The 3D origin is at the intersection of the baseline, the center line, and the forward perpendicular.

Plans imported into Fusion 360
Plans imported into Fusion 360

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Sultana build log – Part 2

My plan, which I hope is not too ambitious, is to make a plank on bulkhead hull. I have access to a local makerspace with a laser cutter, so I intend to laser cut the pieces. I’d like to develop a workflow of going from plans to parts that I can apply to future projects.

Let’s look at the plans of the Sultana.
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