Sultana build log – Part 56

I started work on the binnacle by creating a 3D design with the lid on.

Binnacle 3D design

This was not bad, but a bit boring.

Binnacle first version

The best picture of the open binnacle I have found is from, which has been a great resource for reference photos.

Open binnacle reference image

I first tried adding the details of the instruments as raised parts of my 3D design, but it was beyond the ability of my 3D printer to render them in sufficient detail, so the result was just little plastic blobs, which were made worse after painting. My revised design replaced the instruments with a little piece of paper.

Open binnacle – two versions

Testing the binnacle on the model.

Binnacle on deck

And finally it is glued on and tied down to rings on the deck.

Binnacle tied down

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