Sultana build log – Part 52

On the Sultana, lifejackets are stored in containers at the sides of the main deck. These are arranged to resemble hammock storage, with rails and netting around them. The picture below is my own of the lifejacket storage.

Sultana lifejacket storage

I tried several methods of creating the shape of the lifejacket storage. The top shows an attempt using modeling clay. The lower attempt was using blocks wrapped by fabric. I was not happy with either result.

First attempts at modeling lifejacket storage

The method I settled on was to create a mold of the correct size, fill it with modeling clay, then press fabric against the side, giving it an imprint of the fabric texture.

Mold with fabric imprint

The metal rails were designed and 3D printed.

3D design for rail

All the pieces were assembled and wrapped in netting, which was produced using the method I have described earlier. Bars across the top were added.

Lifejacket storage installed

I was mostly satisfied, until I saw this photo on which shows that I omitted the covers. The covers wrap over the outer bar and on the inside is a hanging flap which identifies the contents as lifejackets.

Reference photo of lifejacket storage – inside view

I went through the fonts on my system and was pleased to find that I already had the correct font: Gabriola italic. The covers were printed on paper and glued on to the model.

Lifejacket storage with covers added

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